/NEW conference in 2023 was a hugely successful launch of the conference. The two-day event was sold out with a maximum capacity of 350; plans are to expand on that in 2024.

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Reviews from 2023

“Loved the event overall – looking forward to seeing it expand in future years. Made contacts, got relevant info”

“It was a great event and a wonderful opportunity to learn and network. It’s really nice to have a conference in Newcastle for tech professionals. Well done!”

“Exceptional first run, beautiful presentation, smooth organisation. A legacy is born!”

“I made a lot of connections in the Newcastle tech scene and was excited to see even regular non-startup business owners and engineers from tiny suburban companies as it meant the conference had gone outside its everyday audience and infiltrated the community.”

Our attendees

Organisation size

There was a wonderful range of representation for businesses of all sizes at /NEW_23. We saw an even split between small, medium, and enterprise-level organizations, with 28.2%, 25.1%, and 32.2% respectively. There were also 14.5% that were undetermined, but knowing those attendees, a large portion of those are also small businesses or sole traders. 


Attendees from 2023 came from a broad range of specialisations, including software development, cyber security, project management, data science and analytics, IT help desk, technology leadership, UX and UI Design and more. Such a rich mix of complimentary technological areas is what makes this conference, and Newcastle as a whole, such a fantastic hub for the technology industry.


Unfortunately, we didn’t collect sufficient data on job titles in 2023, which is a learning the conference team have taken on and will improve on in 2024. Anecdotally, there was a mix of seniority levels, with a skew towards mid and senior-level representatives.

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