Key conference areas:

  • Magenta room – This is on the first floor of the venue, with the doors right next to the registration desk.
  • Teal room – This is found on the ground floor of the venue, right near the base of the main staircase.
  • Flex room – Ground floor, to your left as you walk down the main staircase.
  • Toilets – there are toilets on both floors of the venue. If you are looking for gender-neutral and accessible toilets, please head to the first floor bathrooms on the right.
  • Lift – There is a lift available for attendees. You can find this lift on the side opposite sponsor booths in the right-hand-side sponsor and networking room (also known as the Cummings room)
  • Sponsors – You can find the sponsor displays on the first floor, to the right and left of the registration desk in the Mulubinba and Cummings Rooms.
  • Networking Zone – The networking zone is in the Mulubinba room, to the left of the registration area.
  • Sensory-friendly space – we have a sensory-friendly space available for attendees in need of a quiet, safe and supported place to retreat and recharge away from the stress and stimulation of the Conference. If you would like to make use of the sensory-friendly space, please let any of the /NEW volunteers (in purple shirts) know, and they’ll direct you.
  • Accessible entrance – There is an accessible entrance on the ground floor and a lift inside the venue, should you need it. Please contact the conference team at [email protected] if you have any accessibility questions.